Financing Plastic Surgery

Please note that payment is due at appointment check-in. For your convenience, we accept credit and debit cards only.

Price Guide:

At Aesthetic Consultants of Iowa we pride ourselves on offering the finest cosmetic surgery at affordable prices. Almost every procedure can be performed as an outpatient; a hospital stay is rarely required. This reduces the total cost dramatically.

All financial arrangements must be completed fourteen days prior to surgery date.  Patients are responsible for the cost of all laboratory work, x-rays and EKG’s, if any are ordered. An order for these lab tests will be given to you. These tests can be done at any recognized laboratory or hospital. All pre and post-operative visits are complimentary for at least one year after surgery or as long as you may need my services. Extra costs could include implants, post-operative surgical garments, medications and extra treatments for your recovery. Our patient coordinator will be happy to discuss financing options with you. Please note: fees subject to change; the total cost of multiple procedures adjusted accordingly.

Obtaining an exact fee:

Only after discussing the specific procedure that interests you and then determining the extent of the proposed surgery, can we tell you exactly how much your procedure will cost. At the time of your consultation, all fees will be outlined so you will know exactly the total cost.  You must always be aware that should a complication arise, that additional fees and costs would be incurred. Usually, these are not covered by a private insurance plan.  An estimate of the fees can be given by phone.


The majority of cosmetic surgery is elective, so insurance plans don't usually cover it, but there are exceptions if your procedure is medically indicated, some portion of the cost may be covered.

Financing available:

Our clinic partners with Green State Credit Union to provide financing for cosmetic procedures. To learn more or to apply, talk to our staff. 


If you have questions regarding prices or financing options, please give our office a call at 319-393-1902.

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